220-802 Real Exam VCE

Latest Real 220-802 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 661-670

May 15, 2014



Joe, a user, is reporting he cannot start an Internet browser. Which of the following commands is

MOST likely to resolve this issue?


A.      FIXMBR

B.      SFC


D.      RD


Correct Answer: B




A technician is responding to a user reporting corrupted files. Which of the following should the

technician do to determine the problem?


A.      Ensure all Windows updates are installed.

B.      Perform a backup of all drives.

C.      Run CHKDSK.

D.      Run defragmentation.


Correct Answer: C




A company has decided to implement a recycling program across the organization. The financial

department uses employee sensitive information on a regular basis for payroll. Which of the

following would need to be implemented for the financial department?


A.      Use a single garbage container for department paper waste.

B.      Paper shredding service.

C.      Disable printing for all users in the department.

D.      Pickup material more often.


Correct Answer: B




At the airport the company sales employees work on their laptops to submit financial proposals.

Which of the following would mitigate shoulder surfing?


A.      Firewalls

B.      The use of VPNs

C.      Privacy filters

D.      RSA key fobs


Correct Answer: C




The payroll department works with company financial data and had an incident that involved

employee’s salary being shared across the network. Which of the following would enforce least



A.      Paper shredding

B.      Firewalls

C.      RFID employee badges

D.      Directory permissions


Correct Answer: D




A company’s security guard found Ann, an unauthorized person, searching through the recycling

dumpster behind the building. When Ann was questioned she responded with, “I work for the

company and have lost a report”. Which of the following is occurring?


A.      Social engineering

B.      Malware

C.      Phishing

D.      Shoulder surfing


Correct Answer: A




Anne, an employee, stepped away from her workstation to deliver a report to her boss. When

she came back, confidential material was displayed on the screen that was not opened prior to

her leaving. Which of the following could have mitigated this from occurring?


A.      Intrusion detection system

B.      Screensaver password

C.      Privacy filters

D.      RFID badges


Correct Answer: B




Joe, an end user, has reported that his computer is extremely slow for several minutes after

logging in. He has noticed that many unnecessary programs automatically start when he logs into

his computer. Which of the following tools could the technician use to prevent the unnecessary

programs from starting automatically when Joe logs into his computer?


A.      Performance Monitor

B.      Task Scheduler


D.      Windows Firewall


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following boot methods would a technician use to BEST install an image from an

optical media onto a new computer?


A.      PXE

B.      Tape

C.      DVD

D.      USB


Correct Answer: C




Joe, a user, receives a spam email supposedly sent from a coworker’s email address asking for

money. This is an example of which of the following common security threats?


A.      Phishing

B.      Spyware

C.      Malware

D.      Evil Twin


Correct Answer: A