220-802 Real Exam VCE

Latest Real 220-802 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 681-690

May 15, 2014



Which of the following threats changes system functionality at the operating system level for a

malicious purpose by gaining administrative access after being installed by a user?


A.      Botnet

B.      Trojan

C.      Worm

D.      Rootkit


Correct Answer: D




Ann, a small business owner, would like to implement wireless networking for her business but

wants to be sure the wireless is ONLY accessible from within her business’ premises. Which of the

following would BEST accomplish this?


A.      Disabling SSID broadcast to ensure that only employees know the SSID.

B.      Using unidirectional antennas and reducing radio power levels appropriately.

C.      Assigning DHCP addresses that expire after a shorter period of time.

D.      Using omnidirectional antennas and reducing radio power levels appropriately.


Correct Answer: B




Joe, an employee, has just migrated from the Marketing department to the Accounting

department and cannot save files to the Accounting share. He is a member of both the Marketing

and Accounting security groups. A technician discovers the following permissions are in effect for

the Accounting share:


Ÿ   Share permissions: Everyone – Full Control

Ÿ   NTFS permissions: Accounting – Full Control, Marketing – Deny All


Which of the following should the technician do to enable Joe to save files to the Accounting

share without compromising security?


A.      Remove Joe from the Marketing group.

B.      Ask Joe to resave the file, as the permissions are correct.

C.      Grant the Accounting group Full Control share permissions.

D.      Remove the Deny permission for the Marketing group.


Correct Answer: A




Anne, a technician, is trying to access the company intranet and is receiving an error stating the

website is not found. Which of the following tools would she use to determine if the intranet

server is online?


A.      PING





Correct Answer: A




A computer user, Joe, was surfing for information on a news site when he reported a screen

flicker and then a pop-up appeared on his screen stating the computer was infected with a virus.

Joe noticed the title of the pop-up was not from his installed antivirus. Which of the following

BEST describes this infection?


A.      Worm

B.      Spyware

C.      Social engineering

D.      Malware


Correct Answer: D




The swap file is described as which of the following?


A.      The hidden file created when in hibernation mode.

B.      A system file containing the computer’s virtual memory.

C.      A file created when downloading a program from the web.

D.      A hidden file created when moving files on a computer.


Correct Answer: B




An iOS user does not want to automatically connect to wireless networks that are broadcasting.

Which of the following settings must be enabled in iOS 5.x to authorize connecting to wireless



A.      Connect to WiFi.

B.      Change adapter settings.

C.      Manage wireless networks.

D.      Ask to join.


Correct Answer: D




Many business laptops now come with fingerprint readers to enable users to login without typing

in passwords. This is an example of which of the following?


A.      Privacy filters

B.      RFID

C.      RSA tokens

D.      Biometrics


Correct Answer: D




Joe, a user, is experiencing some operating system errors that are disrupting his ability to boot

the workstation. Which of the following would allow him to keep his data, but possibly resolve

operating system errors?


A.      Clean installation

B.      Repair installation

C.      Image deployment

D.      Quick formatting


Correct Answer: B




An application is unresponsive and causing system instability. Which of the following command

line options would only close the application?


A.      taskkill

B.      shutdown

C.      chkdsk

D.      tasklist


Correct Answer: A