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February 14, 2018

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Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 41

What assessment instance feature does not exist?

  1. Electronic signature

  2. Question randomization

  3. Immediate answer feedback

  4. Submission limits

  5. Show author feedback

Answer: A

Question No: 42

In which three situations would you choose to create a new Sub LearnCenter instead of creating groups and using the group display filter?

  1. You want to provide a different user experience for users and managers.

  2. You are working on a global implementation with users in different languages.

  3. You are planning on using eCommerce.

  4. You want to set the maximum seat count for an enrollment to 20.

  5. You want to isolate audiences such as employees and clients.

Answer: B,C,D

Question No: 43

How many dynamic criteria filters can be used at one time when configuring a dynamic group?

  1. unlimited

  2. one hundred

  3. ten

  4. one at a time

Answer: A Explanation:


You have personalized the LearnCenter by greeting every user with their full name by using the User First/Surname dynamic object and show the current date.

A user is unable to see his/her first name when logging in to your LearnCenter. Identify two causes.

  1. The dynamic object is not configured properly to show the first name.

  2. The user does not have a first name in his/her user profile.

  3. The first name exceeds the maximum characters that can be displayed in the dynamic object.

  4. The nameincludes special characters. Answer: A, C

Question No: 44

Identify two options that enable learners to self-select a Learning Plan.

  1. Users: Group Map Option.

  2. Options: Self Service Option

  3. Details: Include in LearnCenter Search Option

  4. Mappings: Self Map Option

Answer: B,D

Question No: 45

What feature is used to display additional information, about a question or answer, after the user has made an answer choice?

  1. General feedback

  2. Question feedback

  3. Answer feedback

  4. Answer categories

Answer: D

Question No: 46

Which setting is unnecessary for Enrollments linked to Online Courses or Classes?

  1. The “This event does not end” check box must be selected.

  2. The “Use event’s time zone settings” check box must be selected.

  3. Enrollment Closes date must be set far enough in the future to allow users access to the course for an acceptable period of time.

  4. Maximum Seatsmust allow for all anticipated user enrollments over the life of the Enrollment.

Answer: C

Question No: 47

What are the three ways to set up training so that you can report by location and topic, when using Events/Tracks/Sessions?

  1. Use the Event to indicate the Date.

  2. Use the Track to indicate the Location.

  3. Use the Event to indicate the Topic.

  4. Use the Session to indicate the Topic and Date.

  5. Usethe Event and Track to indicate the Topic.

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 48

Job level Learning Plans must be configured to display recommended learning objects. Some objects are required and some are optional. Two of the optional objects must be completed along with the required objects for the Learning Plan to receive a completed status.

Which statement describes the correct configuration?

  1. The minimum optional itemsfeature is configured to meet the optional learning object completion requirements.

  2. The Learning Plan Added User message outlines the optional learning object completion requirements.

  3. The Enforce Sequencing and Custom Order options are enabled to meet the optional learning object completion requirements.

  4. The Description field is used to indicate which objects are optional and how many optional objects must be completed.

Answer: A

Question No: 49

What item association is required to create an assessment instance that features a minimum passing score?

  1. LearnCenter page

  2. Course

  3. Enrollment

  4. User

Answer: B

Question No: 50

Users need a way to filter through all Learning Plans that are displayed in the Learning Plans Dynamic Object to locate the Learning Plan for their job.

How can you set this up?

  1. Create a Skill for each job, map the job’s Learning Plans to the corresponding Skill, and use the Skill as a filter.

  2. Create a Job Profile for each job, map the job’s Learning Plans to the corresponding Job Profile, and use the Job Profile as a filter.

  3. Create a Category for each job, map the job’s Learning Plans to the corresponding Category, and use the Category as a filter.

  4. Create a Training Offering for each job, map the job’s Learning Plans to the corresponding Training Offering, and use the Training Offering as filter.

Answer: A

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