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June 8, 2018

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Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions

Question No: 11

Which Cisco FirePOWER setting is used to reduce the number of events received in a period of time and avoid being overwhelmed?

  1. thresholding

  2. rate-limiting

  3. limiting

  4. correlation

Answer: D

Question No: 12

Which policy is used to capture host information on the Cisco Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System?

  1. network discovery

  2. correlation

  3. intrusion

  4. access control

Answer: C

Question No: 13

How does the WSA policy trace tool make a request to the Proxy to emulate a client request?

  1. explicitly

  2. transparently

  3. via WCCP

  4. via policy-based routing

Answer: D

Question No: 14

Which protocols can be specified in a Snort rule header for analysis?

  1. TCP, UDP, ICMP, and IP

  2. TCP, UDP, and IP

  3. TCP, UDP, and ICMP

  4. TCP, UDP, ICMP, IP, and ESP

  5. TCP and UDP

Answer: A

Question No: 15

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

For which domains will the Cisco Email Security Appliance allow up to 5000 recipients per message?

  1. violet. public

  2. violet. public and blue. public

  3. violet. Public, blue. Public and green.public

  4. red. public orange. public

red. public and orange. public

Answer: B

Question No: 16

With Cisco AMP for Endpoints on Windows, which three engines are available in the connector? (Choose three. )

  1. Ethos

  2. Tetra

  3. Annos

  4. Spero

  5. Talos

  6. ClamAV

Answer: A,B,D

Explanation: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/security/fireamp-private- cloud-virtual-appliance/datasheet-c78-733180.html

Question No: 17

Which type of policy do you configure if you want to look for a combination of events using Boolean logic?

  1. correlation

  2. application detector

  3. traffic profile

  4. access control

  5. intrusion

Answer: A

Question No: 18

What is difference between a Cisco Content Security Management virtual appliance and a physical appliance?

  1. Migration between virtual appliance of varying sizes is possible, but physical appliances must be of equal size.

  2. The virtual appliance requires an additional license to run on a host.

  3. The virtual appliance requires an additional license to activate its adapters.

  4. The physical appliance is configured with a DHCP-enabled management port to receive an IP Address automatically, but you must assign the virtual appliance an IP address manually in your management subnet.

Answer: B

Question No: 19

Which cloud-based malware detection engine uses machine-learning detection techniques

in the Cisco Advanced Malware Protection cloud?

  1. third-party detections

  2. Spero

  3. Ethos

  4. Memcache

Answer: B

Question No: 20

Which Cisco AMP for Endpoints, what, is meant by simple custom detection?

  1. It is a rule for identifying a file that should be whitelisted by Cisco AMP.

  2. It is a method for identifying and quarantining a specific file by its SHA-256 hash.

  3. It is a feature for configuring a personal firewall.

  4. It is a method for identifying and quarantining a set of files by regular expression language.

Answer: A

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